Architectural Design

New Construction

We design new homes, lake cabins, apartment buildings, and everything in between. Our expertise allows us to coordinate mechanical and electrical systems in our architectural designs. We are aware that a homeowner faces many decisions. ArchIntegris will give you the best information to help you make the right ones.
One of the most important elements of a house is curb-appeal. The fact that curb appeal helps sell a house is well known. However, fewer people realize that the current homeowners are the first and most important beneficiaries of the good appearance of their residence. Sometimes an inexpensive detail added to the front of the house, a different shape of window or the color of roof can make the difference between a unique look and a boring one.


There are many ways of going about changing a space. What you are really looking after is that ONE way that looks the best and gives you every amenity you want, without breaking your budget. Who can help you find it? The answer is simple: ArchIntegris!