Contractor Selection Assistance and Referral Services

You are looking for a builder. Can he do everything you want him to? Is he qualified? Are his estimates too high? What is their time line and when will the project be ready? Sometimes is hard to find reliable answers to all these questions. With over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial construction, ArchIntegris is ready to assist you.
One of the services we offer is Value Engineering. This service is handy when you already have a plan and the estimate comes in a little over your budget. What can be done to bring the cost down, without sacrificing convenience or appearance? ArchIntegris is standing by for your benefit.


Project Administration Assistance

Your new home is in construction. The builder is inviting you to do a walk-through before the drywall is installed. The future rooms look small yet you get assurances they are not. How about having a professional along that works for you and can give you an opinion you can rely on? ArchIntegris is your professional resource.
Everybody knows that sometimes in construction things can go wrong. A ceiling ends up too low, or a tile in the bathroom appears crooked. You are being told these are minor, “normal” issues. With the right approach everything can be corrected. ArchIntegris can and will find this approach for you.

Project Administration Assistance<<